Google Pixel 8A: Best 500$ Phone?

Design & Build Quality



Performance & OS

It comes with a new Google Tensor G3 (4 nm)Tensor G3 from last year’s flagships. It is a very capable chipset. Tensor is all about software optimization for hardware. So it does not have many raw performances. But with software 8a feels smooth. It has all of the flagship features from the Pixel 8 & Pixel 8 Pro. It is the first A series phone from Google to come with Gemini Nano. Call assist, Pixel VPN, Magic Eraser Audio pixel all of the features are good. It has the best speech-to-text transcription speed and more. They promised 7 years of OS updates, security updates, and feature drop updates for the 8a. So It is a reliable phone that will last for a long time.

Battery & Charging

It has a 4492 mAh battery, slightly larger than the 7a. It is a one-day phone, which is acceptable for most people. The charging speed has not improved yet. But it still has 7.5W wireless charging.


For the first time, they are offering a 256GB variant in the A series. Google has been saying It is their most durable A series phone. It’s true, they made some right changes in Pixel 8a and made it the best mid-ranger under 500$. But it’s a mid-range phone after all and compared to Pixel 8 it lags in some key areas. If you purchase the Pixel 8, you will receive a phone with slimmer bezels, a brighter display, larger camera sensors, a bigger battery, faster charging, and IP68. All of this with an extra 50$ as I said earlier. So if you can’t afford that 50$ go for the Pixel 8a.