Samsung Galaxy S24: Full Review

In an era when most high-end smartphones touch over a thousand dollars, the Samsung Galaxy S24 emerges as a great pick. An affordable price and cutting-edge technology in one device make it appealing to many. This review will cover its design, hardware, camera performance, and software features, which have become some of the best nowadays.

Design and Build Quality

The Samsung Galaxy S24 features a refined case design with a focus on minimal elegance. Its clean aesthetics and sleek form factor are complemented by a single-slit speaker grille, which replaces the traditional type with several holes, giving it a more refined look. The phone’s sides are flat rather than round, adding a modern and sturdy appearance.

The back glass has a matte finish, providing a premium look and enhanced grip. Although the S24 is available in various colors, the visually appealing green variant is not readily found in stores. Nevertheless, the overall design reflects Samsung’s commitment to combining functionality with style.


One of the main attractions of the Galaxy S24 device will be its display. It has a 1080p screen base model with a 120Hz refresh rate and a Plus variant pushing 2K resolution. Both have ultra-bright displays up to 2600 nits for users to see correctly outdoors, even on very bright days.

Although the S24 Ultra comes with Gorilla Armor Glass and a more advanced anti-reflect coating, its screen slightly beats that of the S24, which has a Gorilla Glass Victus 2 screen for a considerable deal of durability and clarity.


The S24 is fast and efficient, running on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor under the hood. This is a really big generational improvement over the last one, just in terms of bringing more performance both in routine and heavy applications. Thermal management was excellent, which allowed it to deliver peak performance without ever getting warm.


The Galaxy S24’s camera system is similar to its predecessor but has significant improvements in image processing. The default 12 MP mode of the main camera results in more natural-looking photos that are less over-sharpened, especially compared to the iPhone 15. The S24 also performs excellently in various lighting conditions, producing images with great color accuracy and dynamic range.

Additionally, the device features a 10-megapixel telephoto camera that offers more versatility than some competitors. The ultra-wide camera is decent but not particularly impressive. Video performance has also been improved, with the S24 now producing less sharpened footage and better smoothness.

Software and Features

The Samsung One UI continues to improve, and the upcoming S24 will introduce numerous new AI features and usability enhancements. One of the new features is the Vividness Slider, which allows users to make screen color saturation adjustments to find the right balance between natural colors and vibrancy.

The always-on display has been redesigned to show a more subdued version of the lock screen wallpaper, along with the time and widgets, similar to Apple’s solution. Lock screen widgets have been updated to provide quick access to important information such as weather and battery status, although they don’t offer much functionality for interaction in this version.

Samsung’s Quick Share, an alternative to Apple’s AirDrop, has received several improvements. It now includes the ability to generate QR codes, making it more convenient for users to share files across different platforms.

AI Enhancements

The S24 includes some AI-powered capabilities: generative editing for photos, and an AI writing assistant native to the Samsung keyboard. Not too reliable, the photo editing feature is promising but, at times, slow due to server processing. The accompanying AI writing tool offers convenience for those who need more than a Gboard-style experience but lack the depth and flexibility of ChatGPT.

Battery Life 

This compact phone is equipped with a 4000 mAh battery, which provides impressive battery life on the Galaxy S24. In longitudinal comparison tests, it outperforms the iPhone 15, especially in video playback and gaming, albeit by a small margin. This improved performance is achieved through better optimization of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 without sacrificing energy efficiency. And for charging we are getting a 25W wired PD 3.0 support and 15W wireless charging.


Samsung Galaxy S24 is an exciting combination of hardware and software upgrades, really making it one of the very best in its price segment. This leads to a sleek design, colorful display, good performance, and better battery life. In terms of the camera system, it doesn’t bring many groundbreaking changes but still manages to provide excellent results for most of its users. The Galaxy S24 sets new standards for what a mid-range flagship phone should be, offering great value. It has AI features and improvements to One UI that enhance the user experience. The Samsung Galaxy S24 is an excellent choice for those seeking a powerful, stylish, feature-packed phone at a budget-friendly price.